Why Join MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort?

MyMBA’s Engineer Cohort is designed for professionals with a technical background. Great candidates are looking to make professional relationships using the power of the internet, and they are interested in advancing their career with fundamental business knowledge.

We launched MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort because engineers are positioned to benefit from learning the language of business to complement their technical knowledge.

MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort is made for you if:

  • You could use the internet to build stronger professional relationships. The internet is changing how we interact and connect in the professional world. You can expand your professional network with real relationships and create business and career opportunities on the internet (these are real professional relationships not LinkedIn connections).

  • You could benefit from surrounding yourself with ambitious people. As Jim Rohn says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s been incredible to watch the MyMBA community grow and mature. In business, relationships are everything, and MyMBA connects you with other cohorts of like-minded people.

Now is the best time if:

  • You want to take action in advancing your career. MyMBA stresses results and action. You will work directly with other MyMBA Members and MyMBA to build relationships in your sector, improve your resume with high quality courses, apply to new roles, and find a career path you love.


  • You want to advance within your current company. As you advance within any company, business acumen and fundamentals become more and more important. Take action now to understand these concepts, address skills gaps, and stand above your peers. (Listen to The MyMBA Podcast where Tim describes how MyMBA helped him advance in his company by finding and owning a niche he is passionate about.)


  • You want to explore different options for your career but don’t want to spend the time and money on a traditional MBA. Going back to school is expensive. MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort guides you through exploration of future career moves and options in an ever changing world.


  • You want to start your own venture now or in the future. You will gain practical business skills needed to go off on your own. You will gain the support of founders and other like-minded people to help understand the risks and opportunities related to this important part of your life. Two MyMBA Members have started their own business during MyMBA. You’re next.

MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort begins this April. Start the application process today. Enter your information on our application page.

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