The Future of Higher Ed looks like YC not Harvard

Y Combinator is a seed startup accelerator with high prestige in the tech community. While YC isn’t technically an educational institution, it shows us the direction higher education is moving.

Similar to Harvard, YC is on the higher end of the spectrum of the next-generation of educational institutions and there will be many programs with similar education models to YC (ex: Bootcamps or other Cohort-Based Courses (CBCs)).

Why will the future look like YC?

Creating Over Credentials:

YC does not give a degree at the end of the batch. Rather, they focus on the output and progress of your company during the program. “Make Something People Want.”

Like CBCs, the focus is on change, deliverables, and output rather than a diploma.

Learn quickly and apply:

The next generation of education institutions will be shorter and more flexible on timing. YC and cohort-based courses have a short duration and emphasize intensity.

The goal is to learn the material and quickly apply it in the real world.

Remote and Global:

While I’m unsure of YC’s plans following the pandemic, they expanded using the scalability of the internet during COVID. Also, 50% of the companies in the most recent batch were based outside of the US.

This trend will continue as learning remotely provides cost, scalability, and accessibility benefits.

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