Our Program

MyMBA’s 5th Cohort: Q1 2022

Week 0: Welcome Week

Introduction to the MyMBA Community: Join the Slack Channel, meet your onboarding group, access to all MyMBA resources including library of past Industry Partner Meetups. 


MyMBA Basics: Prepare for the MyMBA experience by learning fundamental MyMBA concepts. 


Welcome Meeting: Join a live onboarding meeting to prepare you for the MyMBA experience. 

Weeks 1 - 4: Build a Base

In the first month, you will begin the process of building your online presence through four mini-essays conducting a strategic analysis of a company of your interest - all with the support of MyMBA prompts and our community. Begin to discover and become an expert in your niche through an analysis of a player in the business. Get feedback from your cohort and MyMBA alumni. Support your writing with learning from UVA Darden's Foundations of Business Strategy Course.  


At the same time, you and your cohort will learn the basics of writing effectively online, creating a newsletter, making the most of your writing through distribution, and using your writing as tool to create connections in your field. 


With your cohort, work through our proven process of launching a business career you'll love. Think deeper about your career goals and next steps with the support of our community. Some additional concepts we will cover to get there: Defining Your Focus, Asymmetric Bets, Hedgehog Concept, Relationship Roadmap, Porter's 5 Forces, Competitive Analysis, and more. 


Connections: Meet our first two Industry Partners, meet weekly with your cohort, attend our month-end happy hour, schedule 1:1 meetings with business leaders in your industry and our MyMBA alumni, and attend optional writing feedback sessions and Alumni Mentor Meetups.

Weeks 5 - 8: Bet On Yourself

In the second month, we take the course to the next level. With our base built, we will bet on ourselves. Start by learning foundational business concepts like leadership, negotiations, and teamwork. Write another four mini-essays to further define your focus and build your brand. Support your writing with Kellogg's High Performance Collaboration Course.


With the foundations we built in the previous month, we will focus on taking action in the real world. Complete your program-long asymmetric bet. Create connections that will change the trajectory of your career using our connections framework. Apply to new roles with the support of MyMBA and our community. 


In addition, complete 2 career workshops led by our MyMBA Partner. Armed with confidence and clarity, take the next step in your business career. 


Connections: Meet our third and fourth Industry Partners, attend another happy hour, build deeper connections in your industry, and participate in optional writing feedback meetings. 

Also Included

  •  Lifetime Membership to the MyMBA Community (Slack group, introductions to new cohorts, alumni virtual happy hours, invitations to in-person happy hours, grandfathered into new features)
  • 1:1 Meetings with MyMBA Team to assess career goals and develop strategy
  • Exclusive access to library of past Industry Partner Meetups
  • Continuous support throughout program



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