LinkedIn Doesn’t Show Your Full Potential

LinkedIn is version 1 of bringing your professional self online. LinkedIn is a great way to show recruiters and coworkers your professional history and experience. However, it doesn’t show your full self.

LinkedIn fails to show others your long-term interests, your passions, and your knowledge related to your professional life.

As the internet continues to mature and remote work becomes more important, your online professional presence will become even more important.

What is version 2 of LinkedIn? Creating online.

In addition to LinkedIn, everyone should have a personal blog, a personal newsletter, or a podcast to share their professional interests and knowledge with the world.

Based on your experience in your career combined with your unique path, you know more about a subject area than 99% of the world. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Share your knowledge with others.

When you share knowledge, it builds a powerful asset for your professional life. A portfolio of content is a virtual asset that can be infinitely distributed at no additional cost to you. It provides a way for people to learn about your interests and get to know you while you sleep. This facilitates connections and professional opportunities.

With a cohort of professionals, MyMBA teaches you to create online in 8 weeks. Learn how to demonstrate your knowledge online through content creation. Learn to leverage this writing to connect with people in your industry.

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