Is a Nontraditional Education Right for You?

By talking to hundreds of people over the past year, we’ve learned more about the types of people who continue to enroll in and benefit from MyMBA.

Are you one of them?

The New Opportunity Seeker:

If you’re looking to transition out of your current role in the next year or two, MyMBA is the place for you. Navigating the job search is not fun. It’s lonely and exhausting. In addition, the spray and pray approach towards applying to new jobs online is not effective or efficient. Use our approach of taking low-risk, high-reward bets in the real world to create new opportunities you never thought existed.

The Connector:

It’s been a tough 18 months. If you’re looking for a place to meet a new group of people and expand your network, MyMBA is a great place to start.

Most people who don’t go to a traditional graduate degree program don’t have the opportunity to meet an entirely new group of people with a set place to talk about their career growth and goals.

We have happy hours and 1:1 meetings in addition to our Tuesday night meetings with your cohort and business leaders (Past include: Director at Tesla, Principal PM at Amazon, Founder of Wellory, & More).

The Business Curious:

Do you have a genuine interest in business and want explore it further? “Business” is way too broad to learn in 8 weeks. We get that. We’ve learned that the best way to learn business is through action.

With our proven approach, accountability, and cohort-based structure, we help you to take action and learn about the business area that you’re interested in. Whether you write about sustainability or product management or start a company on the side, you dictate the direction.

The Clarity Seeker:

If you’re stuck in your current role and not sure what direction your next step will be in, MyMBA is the place for you. We implement our career framework of Betting On Yourself to help you find clarity in your career. Most people aren’t fully confident about their long-term goals – we help you get there.

The Fitness Class Enthusiast:

Alumni have compared MyMBA to joining a fitness class. Maybe you know that you’re ready to take the next step in your career and you want to start connecting with more decision makers to help you get there. Maybe you want to bolster your online presence and you want to launch your business or start applying to jobs.

We’re a career fitness class to get you going, hold you accountable, and give you the support to take those next steps.

The Doer:

At MyMBA, we put action above all else. If you want to surround yourself with inspiring people who are taking action, this is the place for you. Participate in an 8 week sprint of creating, connecting, and taking bets in the real world (like starting businesses, applying to jobs, and sending targeted outreach messages).

The Early Adopter:

MyMBA is a different type of education experience. We’ve thrown out much of what traditional education requires. There are no tests, no grades, no degrees, and no campuses. Your work is “graded” by your readers and peers on the internet and your “degree” is the portfolio of work that you create under your own name. MyMBA is best for people open to taking a new approach.

The Risk Taker:

Finally, MyMBA is for the bold. Our alumni have commented on how their experience has helped to put them outside of their comfort zone. We empower you to take some risks that require being a little bold.

We understand that we’re doing things a little differently. If you fit in one of these categories or all of them, our waitlist is open.

And here are some quotes from some MyMBA alumni that fall into these categories:


Tess, The New Opportunity Seeker:

“While apart of the program I was encouraged to reach out to loose connections online. Through doing this I was able to learn about a prospective company of interest, get a personal referral from the individual I reached out to, and ultimately get the job with guidance from this loose connection along the way. I’m amazed at the power of connecting online and also forever grateful to the MyMBA program for helping to push me out of my comfort zone as I moved through a career transition.”

Tess Perese, Marketing Director at Popular Pays


Jae, The Doer:

“It’s one thing to say I have an idea. It’s another story to do it or write it down to create something. Anyone can have any type of idea, but what differentiates you is when you actually start operating from that idea. What I learned the most from MyMBA was – what you say you are is not what defines who you are. Rather, it’s what you actually create and make. It’s what you show.”

Jae Lee, Medical Imaging Business Strategy Manager at VUNO Inc.


Anna, The Early Adopter:

“MyMBA is a new education model aligned to the digital age… I am grateful for the experience, the friendships, the impact it’s had on growing my business.”

Anna Tansley, Yoga + Meditation Teacher | Financial Services Consultant


Ryan, The Business Curious:

“On MyMBA, before starting this, I was not comfortable in publishing my thoughts and putting it out there to the masses. I strongly encourage everyone to take a step out of their comfort zone and write about something you’re passionate about… It will only help you understand things you’re passionate about in more detail. It’s one thing to read and listen but writing really allows you to understand topics at a deeper level. …I have MyMBA to thank for allowing me to put myself outside of my comfort zone.”

Ryan Gavin, Strategic Account Executive and Retail Segment Leader at Schneider Electric

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