Introducing MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort

We’re excited to launch MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort beginning this April. MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort is a 3 month business education program designed specifically for ambitious engineers looking to grow their professional network and build a strong business acumen.

What is MyMBA

MyMBA is the best business school for online networking. Business school is about building strong professional relationships, and MyMBA teaches you how to leverage the power of the internet to build authentic professional relationships. A new relationship can change your life.


MyMBA brings you and a cohort of driven professionals together to:

  1. Build your online brand to leverage in creating relationships with decision makers

  2. Meet and learn from top professionals in your field

  3. Learn fundamental business concepts from top business schools like Wharton


MyMBA builds your unique personal brand. By displaying your interests and skills online through content creation, you can position yourself to reach out to anyone on the internet, build a real relationship, and take the next step in your career.

“Embrace accountability and take business risks under your own name. Society will reward you with responsibility, equity, and leverage.” – Naval Ravikant (Read more).

MyMBA builds you a personal website that you can use to create meaningful professional relationships through the power of the internet.

Why Now

COVID-19 changed higher education forever. We have accelerated our behaviors towards working and learning online by a decade in the past year. The ability to build relationships and connect online combined with access to free high quality courses online has changed the cost structure of education.

Now is the best time to start investing in yourself online. The internet will only become more important for our professional lives and now is the best time to create a signal to future employers of your potential.

Why an Engineering Cohort

Engineering combined with a strong business acumen is a killer combination for success. Traditional Universities like Lehigh and Cornell have dual MBA and Engineering degrees that exemplify the potential for combining these skill sets.

Learning fundamental business skills and learning to build a strong professional network online will separate you from any engineer.

MyMBA Details

  • Doug King, Design Engineer at QFix and Bucknell 2016 Mechanical Engineering Graduate, is leading MyMBA’s Engineering Cohort. Doug provides our cohort with engineering knowledge to drive program effectiveness.

  • MyMBA Engineering begins this April and there is limited space in the cohort

  • Start the application process today. Enter your information on our application page

  • Contact Grant Nissly (grant@makemymba) for further details or questions

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