Courses, Content, Connections

MyMBA is built on The Three Cs: Courses, Content, Connections.


First, we take business school courses on Coursera from top programs like Darden and Kellogg. These courses are taught by some of the best business professors in the world. For example, University of Virginia’s Foundations of Business Strategy course is our first course of the program. Each week, we discuss and reflect on our learning in live Zoom meetings.


Next, we create content based on our course learning. MyMBA provides writing prompts each week to reflect on learnings from the courses. Creating content is critical to MyMBA as we test our ideas and get feedback from the great marketplace of ideas – the internet. Each week, we deliver content to our followers and newsletter subscribers.

Over our 8 week program, we build a portfolio of essays that prove our interests, knowledge, and skills.


Courses and content lead to the most important part of any educational experience – connections. Learning from others, collaborating with professionals in our industries, and forming friendships is fundamental to the MyMBA experience.

We build a habit of maintaining and building new relationships online. We build a system for consistent cold outreach to build real relationships with people in our industry leveraging our created content.

MyMBA facilitates building additional connections by bringing cohorts together and meeting every other week with business leaders.

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