Compound Interest & Your Niche

Investing in a career niche allows you to gain from the power of compounding.

“All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.” – Naval Ravikant.

Finding and investing in your niche allows you to benefit from compounding knowledge and relationships.

The earlier you identify your niche and build your career or brand around this niche, the more you will gain from the power of compounding. Similar to investing, time in the niche is critical for the benefits of compounding.

First, your knowledge in the niche will compound as you continue to write, learn, and work within the niche. Since you are inherently interested in this topic, you will continue to explore and gain expertise in the area.

As you build knowledge, your opportunities in the space will grow. With knowledge, you can contribute or lead exciting projects with other knowledgeable people in the space. Through this experience, you will gain additional knowledge.

In addition to your knowledge, your relationships will compound. The more long-term and less transactional a relationship, the better. When you commit to building relationships for the long

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